About the Project

Our project aims to create specific volunteers’ profiles, who will be collaborating inside Volunteers’ Fire Protection Organizations (existing or going to be created in every country) for the optimization of the preparedness activities and, furthermore, for dealing with people’s needs in the post-disaster phase.

Start date: 01/11/2020

End date: 31/10/2022

As the partners’ countries have a significant forest fire hazard, VOLinACT project aims to the dissemination of the necessity for forest fire prevention, utilizing the volunteerism of citizens through awareness-raising activities. Recruiting of new volunteers is not easy, but it is not impossible.

During the project period, volunteers of these profiles will be trained through e-learning sessions for working in an international environment, so as they could be available, not only during emergencies at the national level but also for supporting volunteers’ teams in other EU countries.

 We are going to create a website for potential firefighters’ volunteers, with information on how, why and what. We will also create groups on social media so that trainees will have the chance to know each other during the project period and for better cooperation in case of emergency.

Also, we will create an innovative mobile application game, as a tool for assessing the volunteers’ competences as well as for self-evaluation.

 The main activities:

·         Mapping the skills and the competencies across the partners’ organizations in relation to VOLinACT project. A map of skills will assist VOLinACT to find out what the project volunteers know and what they can do, to discover gaps or shortfalls in their knowledge and performance, and to plan and deliver effective learning solutions.

·         Creation of a VOLinACT toolkit that will be a set of training tools for adult learners’ keen on boosting their volunteering competences.

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