Open Educational Resources

The VOLinACT open educational resources can be accessed from this webpage. The OERs are developed according to the competencies identified in the competence map.

The OERS and training modules are addressed to volunteers who involve in activities from the beginning of the project but also and new volunteers who want to learn via free Elearning training in the Field of Fire protection. Adults from each country will be the primary target of the project. Adults who are low-skilled and lack of competencies involuntary skills are the participants of the whole project. 

The OERs cover the following modules:

Module 1: Identification of the skills of the volunteers  and the status of incentives to attract volunteer

Module 2: Legal Framework for Volunteer Firefighters, Fire Suppression Methods and Fire Operations

Module 3: Personal Protective Equipment. The importance of learning to use the appropriate protection tools

Module 4: Coordination of shutdown operations & Extinguishing means & Basic actions in extinction

Module 5: Analysis of the main causes, evaluation of strategies for extinction and planning for the management   of forest fires

Module 6: The European Civil Protection Mechanism

Good practices are available here  :

The modules are fully autonomous and independent. You can follow the pre-established sequence of the 6 modules, or make your own learning path.

Each module and OER is developed according to the same structure: a short overview of the learning process, average work-load per module and main learning outcomes. The VOLinACT team suggests to start every module with the “About the Module” section.

Each module contains OERs connected to the units and external resources which allow the user to enhance his/her knowledge on the topic.

At the end of each module, there is a self-assessment to evaluate the knowledge acquired throughout the module.

The e-learning platform will provide a guide to start and participate in voluntary activities. 

One of the expected impacts of this output is to provide target groups with innovative content for the training of voluntary activities for forest fires. 

The outcomes of this output provide support to all volunteers in order to involve in the disasters and to participate in disaster management processes. 

OER will be accessible via smartphone, IPad and PC.

There are a lot of advantages to using Open Educational Resource as:

• Expanded access to learning – can be accessed anywhere at any time

• Ability to modify course materials – can be narrowed down to topics that are relevant to the course.

• Enhancement of course material – texts, images and videos can be used to support different learning styles.

• Cost-saving for trainees– all readings are available online.

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