Creation of a volunteers Competence Map, across the partners organizations.

Mapping the skills and the competences of volunteers within the VOLinACT project will let us explore their potential and identify the volunteers area for development.
The training methods and techniques therefore will be addressed more precisely and the capabilities of every participating individual will be developed according to the projects main goal.

Creation of theVOLinACT Toolkitadapted for online use by all
The VOLinACT Toolkit will be uploaded on an OER platform.

This toolbox will widen the knowledge of potential volunteers of volunteerism, and its relation with VOLinACT project.

We expect that by raising the volunteerism awareness will be a trigger for the volunteers’ decision-making as for further involvement in forest firefighting.

Some basic sections of the VOLinACT Toolkit:

– Volunteers’ Skills Map;

– Legal framework for volunteers – firefighters;

– The importance of proper use of applicable protection tools;

– Basic action for extinction;

– Analysis of the main causes of forest fires, their management plan.

Training Methodology

The use of the training modules on the base of training methodology, in order to support trainers, adult educators and stakeholders in the implementation and evaluation of the training path (modules, aims, contents, timing and learning outcomes) after the end of the project.

This output will be available in all partners‘ national languages and will among others include:

– Potential of e-learning and use of IT tools for educational activities;

– Feedback based on the evaluation processes.

Creation of an OER platform for providing information, learning materials, etc. for the target group (volunteers in the field of forest fire protection, involved in activities from the beginning of the project, as well as new volunteers who wish to learn via free eLearning training).

All the partners will disseminate the information about the platform by means of printed material (e.g. flyers) as well as via available internet resources (social media, websites, etc.).


Development of a game (as a digital trainer for volunteers firefighters) to assist volunteers in improving their practical skills on firefighting.

Two game scenarios will be developed for extinguishing a forest fire, specifically:

a) on localization of forest fire, and

b) on the fire extinguishers’ types for use (to deal with) in certain situation.

The game will be focused on the self-assessment of the theoretical knowledge and practical skills.


The partners gain the experience and Good Practices from own countries. It brings add value to the project.

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