Module 1. About the Module


1.1      Identification of the skills of the volunteers

1.2. The status of incentives to attract volunteers

Module duration : 2 hours

In order to complete this module you must do the following:

  • Study topics in a suggested order
  • Get  acquainted with the provided learning resources
  • Prepare practical tasks and assignments
  • Complete a quiz/game/questionnaire/case study after each part

Learning Outcomes:

Knowledge – The learner knows and understands: 
  • the main  skills of volunteers   
  • the required skills of volunteers
  • the status of incentives to attract volunteers
Skills – The learner is able to: 
  • Know the skills of volunteers
  • Analyze the stratus of incentives to attract volunteers
Competences – The learner is ready to: 
  • Prove his/her  skills of the volunteers 
  • Plan and manage his/her organisation  to know how to attract new volunteers
  • Work with others

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