“OIKOPOLIS” is an organization that focuses on environmental literacy and cultural competence through a number of local and international activities. The members of “OIKOPOLIS” are constantly promoting the necessity of addressing local and global environmental and cultural issues that everyone faces nowadays in every country of the world. “OIKOPOLIS” members act as volunteers in a variety of programs for the protection and conservation of natural life as well as at the preservation of our cultural heritage.

“OIKOPOLIS”s main goal is to influence the local community in a way that leads to a greater environmental and social responsibility. We also do our best to contribute to European societies’ integration by bringing closer the Greek society to other European communities, among others by using ICT, creating partnerships with public institutions, also by focusing on societal engagement and cultural awareness.

Training 2000 psc

TRAINING 2000 is a training organisation accredited in the Marche Region, Italy for adult’s training, with experience in education and training in different sectors (VET/ Adult Education/ School Education). Training 2000 is involved in research and development of new methodologies in training (blended learning) for adults and youth. TRAINING 2000 has specific expertise in training of trainers, requalification of workers in companies, apprenticeship training, IT Tools in education for youth, migrants and seniors, business models and entrepreneurship, eco-sustainability and innovation, validation of competences, cultural awareness.


LARES Italia – National Union of Civil Protection Experts

LARES Italia – National Union of Civil Protection Experts, is an Italian Association in the field of Civil Protection founded in 2006. The main goal of LARES Italia is to represent and involve – at national scale – students, graduates, experts, and academics in disaster management university courses.

The Association work focuses on Disaster Risk Reduction by supporting both the Italian Civil Protection (at national level) and local Authorities. Within the Civil Protection system, the main tasks of LARES consist of training and dissemination activities with the aim to spread the culture of safety and the Civil Protection best practices, mainly addressed to young people. In addition to these activities, following natural/man-made disasters, the Association plays also an important role in prompt intervention and emergency management in collaboration with the National Department of Civil Protection.

Currently, the Association counts more than 300 volunteers across Italy distributed in 7 regional offices. LARES has a strong links with several universities, within which identified the best skills and the most brilliant minds, to be put at the service of the national Civil Protection system. LARES believes in the power of science as a means of significantly contrasting the effect of disaster events on people and the environment.

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SBTC is a Turkish SME committed to the promotion of innovation and enhancing the spirit of entrepreneurship. Since its establishment , SBTC has been oriented towards that direction and has implemented a number of actions and initiatives, which have made the institution a highly specialised organisation since its establishment. SBTC has developed a range of consulting services ranging from an independent well control advisor to providing advice on managing change in the workplace for both employers’ and employee’s needs. SBTC offers solutions for the specific problems of its target groups by developing tailored solutions for several areas for entrepreneurship including social entrepreneurship.

Phone : +90 542 457 1797

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Ovar Forma is the owner of Escola Profissional de Cortegaça, a VET School. It aims to develop learning, investigation and formation to contribute to the development of the citizens through an adequate preparation to active professional life; promote the approach between schools and enterprises; analyse regional necessities in terms of learning; promote learning opportunities and cooperate with the national and foreign institutions in the development of VET. Progressively, the professional qualification provided by the institution became an important means to face the competitive market, which is demanding more qualified human resources. This institution provides the answer to this new need, enabling students to obtain a better qualification more oriented to the world of work.

Address: Rua da Escola – Apartado 73 – 3886-908

Location: Cortegaça, Portugal

Telephone: +351256750930



Georgian Technical University

Georgian Technical University (GTU) was established in 1922 and since then it is one of the leading universities in Georgia. GTU consists of 12 faculties: Civil Engineering; Power Engineering and Telecommunications; Mining and Geology; Chemical Technology and Metallurgy; Architecture, Urban Planning and Design; Informatics and Control Systems; Transportation and Machine-Building; Business Technology; Faculty of Law and International Relations; Faculty of Engineering Economic, Media Technology and Social Sciences; Faculty of Agricultural Science and Biosystems Engineering and International Design School. GTU implement academic education three level study cycle, professional educational programs, continuous education, other educational programs, fundamental and application scientific researches, high technology and modern experiments, development of university traditions by innovation researches and teaching; GTU is a centre of excellence in ICT education, research and innovation. At present 13 powerful R&D centres exist at GTU, professional development centres, among of them is modern equipped Georgian Technical Training Centre for VET programs and Long-Life Learning training. GTU has E-learning centre, which main goal is to implement technology-enhanced learning at all level of University education. GTU is a full member of the European University Association – EUA since 2001. In 2005 GTU joined the Bologna process. GTU is actively participating in EU projects and has close links with many European Universities.

Address: 77, Kostava st.

Location: Tbilisi, Georgia

Telephone: (+995 32) 2 36 51 52

Email: Website:

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